The Deconstructing “OE” DeCal grew out of an effort by the Associated Students of the University of California and the Graduate Assembly to hold the administration’s plan for “Operational Excellence” accountable to students.  As such this class is not an endorsement of “Operational Excellence”, Instead it is a forum for students interested in or concerned about “OE” to understand more about this process, its context, and a resource for students enrolled to become critical, effective advocates on behalf of the student body at large.

This class is a rare opportunity to participate in a course that will have a broad impact on the future of Cal and public education in general.  As the State of California continues the trend of divestment in public higher education, institutions are making choices on how to absorb budget cuts. Currently UC Berkeley is undergoing an unprecedented organizational transformation that will have lasting affect on the operations and culture of the University. As students, by helping ourselves advocate for our vision of the campus, we believe that this course helps to fulfill the original mission of the DeCal program by creating a more democratic campus.


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