Deconstructing ‘Operational Excellence’ DeCal Spring 2012

Cal students from the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly are leading the “Deconstructing ‘Operational Excellence’ DeCal” independent study course this Spring semester. The DeCal is for all undergraduates and graduate students interested in learning more about Operational Excellence, the multi-project effort by UC Berkeley to increase administrative efficiency and reduce operating expense. Through the DeCal, students will have the opportunity to serve on OE project teams through internships and interview for paid positions. This two-unit course will hold its first class meeting on Tuesday, January 24th from 4 untilĀ  6 pm, in the ASUC Senate Chambers, 101 Eshleman Hall. Interested students are encouraged to attend and enroll.

To learn more about enrolling in this course go to the course website:

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